About Miami Nak Muay Supply

The concept for Miami Nak Muay Supply began in 2015. I was a 17-year-old high-school student, working a part-time job at a restaurant, and attending Dutch-style kickboxing classes a few nights a week taught out of a Brazilian Jiujitsu gym in Kendall. Like many martial artists my first pair of boxing gloves sold for about 40 bucks at Wal-Mart. I won't name-drop the brand, but it's safe to say these weren't a quality pair of gloves.

So after about 4 months of doing kickboxing classes, I decided it was time to get serious about my striking and purchase a better-quality pair of gloves. It took me about a week of looking around at various websites before I found these beautiful brown leather Muay Thai gloves that reminded me of the vintage leather boxing gloves worn by the likes of Sugar Ray Robinson. The 80-dollar price tag was steep for a high-school student, but I had to have them! So I rushed to check out, only for my excitement to turn into pain as I saw that shipping from Thailand was an additional 40 USD with the shipping time being 3-4 weeks. Oh, and there was a customs duty once they reached the US.


 I was heartbroken and had this exact look on my face as I now had to postpone buying this perfect pair of gloves until I could save up some more money.                                                                                                                              

 Nak Muay Supply is here to bridge the gap between Thailand and the United States, by offering free or affordable shipping and no import duty, so you don't have to bear the hidden costs of purchasing the high-quality training equipment you deserve. 
Founded on the shores of Miami, Florida. our name pays homage to the art of Muay Thai, with "Nak Muay" referring to a practitioner of the art. We believe that every Nak Muay is on a unique journey and this journey begins with the first tentative steps towards attending your first class. Whether you are a recreational hobbyist or a competitor with dreams of becoming a world champion, our mission is to be your reliable cornerman. We are here to supply you with all the necessary training equipment needed to develop yourself into a Bangkok-ready Nak Muay.